Burst SMS is a pre-paid service, and there are 2 main payment options available to our customers for crediting their accounts.

1. Credit Card

Credit Card is by far the most efficient and widely used method. It provides for an instant and variable payment process allowing you to top up your account anytime, anywhere, any amount.

And when used with the 'Auto Re-charge' feature, this provides for complete account continuity. When your account reaches $0, the system simply hits your card for the predetermined amount and carries on processing your messaging and other items. Nothing is lost.

2. EFT

The other option is EFT payments for top up's of over $1,000. This can be somewhat streamlined with our Low Balance warning, and credit on Proof of Payment: ie

a) Low balance warning email fires to account holder, at your pre-determined level
b) You reach out to Burst SMS requesting an invoice for $x. Invoice is sent back to you moments later
c) Pay the invoice and send thru a screenshot of Proof of Payment and we can credit your account straight away

The other consideration is that credit does not expire, so you have the option of paying some months ahead to reduce admin if you wish.

Unfortunately we do not do DD.

Happy Messaging!