What is MMS?

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard in mobile messaging where you can include text, sound, images, animated GIFs, and video. This provides a more interactive and eye catching experience for the user and the visual content displays and plays within the recipients SMS application standing out from all other SMS (text only) content and messages.

What is the structure of an MMS?

  • Subject line (20 characters)
  • Content/artwork via one or more files but under 450kb in total
  • Text copy (1,000 characters)

How does MMS display?

Unlike any standard text based message, an MMS displays the creative in the SMS app on a users phone. This has the distinct benefit of being eye-catching, and standing out from all other text only messages.

In addition to that, an MMS 'Previews' on a users phone, again standing out from any text only based messages.

The Sender ID will be a Virtual Mobile Number we assign you. It will be able to send and receive SMS as well as send out MMS. That means when you send out MMS, then your audience can chose to reply via SMS.

We recommend only to use vertical (portrait) or square images as nearly all modern device screens are vertically aligned.

Who does the Creative?

You are required to produce your own creative. Please keep it under 450kb (for all files combined) per MMS.

What sort of file formats are accepted?

The following are the most widely used file formats that we recommend to use for your MMS creative. These have historically shown the highest level of successful deliveries:

  • .gif (including animated - infinite loops recommended for best results)
  • .jpg or .jpeg
  • .png
  • .mp3
  • .mp4 or .mpeg4

NB: When using Photoshop etc for creative files, please remember to remove all meta data from you final creative.

Tool to remove Meta Data: ImageOptim

What does it cost?

Please contact our Sales team for a per MMS price quote.

Where can I send to?

Currently we are only able to send MMS in Australia.

Is there an 'optimum' file size?

Static Images:

The smaller the better as far as delivery is concerned - but of course small files can be limiting in what you can do. In terms of total size per MMS in kb please stay under 450kb.

We recommend an image that is 640px by 1138px, or 1080px by 1920px, both have the same aspect ratio of 9:16. The images will be sized to meet the width of most screens.

Animated GIF:

We recommend either 480x720 (tall), 480x640 (tall), 640x640 (square) 480x480 (square) sizes depending on the amount of animation.

What do you get when buying MMS?

  • Optimisation for graphic and text to reduce file size
  • Hosting
  • Message creation
  • Test send
  • Contact cleaning and uploading
  • Final send

What is the maximum throughput?

Max 30,000 MMS per hour, or 500 per minute

Do I get a test?

On the platform, you are able to send a test MMS to your own mobile or even a list of contacts.

How to get started?

Fill out the form located HERE or call us on 1300 012 014.

Want to learn how to design the perfect MMS? Click HERE