We have had a lot of requests from sales people for the ability to have a lead sent to a phone as an alert when a person has sent in a keyword.

We have developed a number of keyword automation options that forwards the keyword to the sales person coming from the prospect. This way the sales person can reply immediately with a text or give the lead a call directly.

Setup Instructions

1. In the Actions column click on the EDIT link beside your keyword.

2. Enable the action you would like your keyword to trigger by placing a YES next to the following options: 

Forward to Email:

Enter the email address you would like to forward the KEYWORD replies to. You can enter multiple email addresses separated with commas.

In order to reply from email you will need to add your email address in the EMAIL SMS section of your account.

Forward to Mobile:

Enter the mobile number you would like to receive the KEYWORD replies to. You can enter multiple mobile numbers separated with commas.

When somebody texts your keyword, the keyword and anything else they text in is forwarded to the nominated mobile number and/or email address. The message will come from the senders number so you can reply straight back to them using your phone.

If you want to avoid using a keyword and just receive anything, this can be setup in your INBOUND OPTIONS for your dedicated virtual mobile number in the NUMBERS section of your account.