Our Email SMS feature allows users to send an email, which will be automatically converted to an SMS for delivery. Set-up instructions can be found here.

Here are the common errors when using Email SMS

Delivery Failure - The originating email address is not authorised to send SMS

When using Email SMS, the email account that you are sending the email from, must first be added to your Burst SMS account. This is known as "white listing" the email address.

If you receive an email reply with the text "Your SMS to XXXXXXX could not be sent. The originating email address is not authorised to send SMS", please follow the steps here.

The SMS is cut off

There are several reasons why the SMS can be cut off, when it is rendered on a handset. Here are the most common reasons, from most common to most rare.

Email SMS setting

When an email address is added to the Email SMS screen, a setting "Message Limit" is set. This defines the maximum number of SMS' that can be used for a single message. If the setting is not set to the maximum vale (4 SMS), try increasing this setting.

Character count

There is a maximum message length that our platform supports. Details can be found here.

If your Email exceeds this length, than our system will still send the SMS, but the message will stop once it reaches the maximum length

To test this, you can copy paste the text into our SMS Character Counter.

Double line break

Because emails often include signatures, containing images, our system will ignore anything in the email after two line breaks (two empty lines for text).

Failure to send part of the message

When a message that is more than one SMS in length is sent, each SMS is sent individually and then "stitched together" at the receivers handset to appear as a single message. In very rare circumstances, there can be an error at the telco's and one SMS in the message does not arrive with the others.

If you think this might be the cause, you can use the SMS Character Counter to see of the message is cut off at the join of one of the SMS'.

Those reasons do not fix my Email SMS issue

If the other reasons above do not appear to be a cause, please email your account login (not password), the recipients mobile number, the date and time that the message was sent and a screenshot of the message from the recipients handset to helpdesk@burstsms.com