Virtual mobile numbers are dedicated mobile numbers that you can receive text messages back to the platform on.

They are used for Keyword campaigns, Email to SMS, 2 way SMS and delivering campaigns where a custom Sender ID is important.

You cannot call a virtual mobile number. If somebody attempts to call your number, they will get a disconnected message. They are for receiving messages only.

1. To setup a dedicated virtual mobile number, click on the NUMBERS link in the top menu and then click on the ADD NUMBER

NB: Virtual mobile numbers are available only in Australia, Singapore and the UK and costs vary depending on your region. Please review your local pricing screen to confirm the cost.

2. Choose a number from the drop down list of available numbers. The cost of the virtual mobile number per month will be displayed.

3. Enable the Credit Card Auto-recharge option by selecting a top up amount.

4. Click on ACTIVATE.