Acquiring specific virtual numbers is a 2 step process and can take as long as 30 days.

Step 1. We do a search, the less number of required specific digits the more likely the hit.

For example, we did a search for a number that spelt BURST at the end. So we did a search for 04XXX28778 the result came back after 10 working days with 0467528778.

Step 2. We need to port and 'bind' the number to our servers so that it can receive messages. This takes some paperwork and around 3 days to do.

So all together if you get failed searches etc you really need to allow 30 days at the outside.


The on-going cost once on our system is the same as any other number but we do charge for the search and porting of the number at $99. This covers the cost of our admin and dev time.