You can set up a keyword campaign so that when a customer texts in the keyword, they can automatically be added to a list and also receive a message to fill in their details.

This allows you to automatically create a list of customers and obtain their details.

1. Create your list under CONTACTS.

2. In the list click on CUSTOM FIELDS.

3. Add in the fields for the details you wish to obtain. (Example: Birthday, Email Address)

4. Go to your KEYWORDS menu.


a. Select the Number (sender ID).

b. Enter the Keyword (Example: ENTER).

c. Select the other options you would like, for further information: CLICK HERE.

d. Select YES for "Add Number to List" and select the list you created in Step 1.

e. Select YES for "Auto-Replies" and enter your message. Also add the "[contact-update-form]", this will send a link to the recipient where they can enter the information for the fields you created in Step 3.

f. Click ACTIVATE once done.

Now, when a customer messages the keyword, they will automatically be added to the list you created. They will also receive a message to enter the details you specified.