New Zealand Telco companies require the use of a short code when sending/receiving from Application to Person (A2P). You cannot send messages without one.

There are 2 types of short codes available in NZ "Standard Rate Short Codes" and "Free to End User Short Codes (FTEU)".

Standard Rated Short Codes

When using a Standard Rate code for your messaging, you pay 9.9 cents per SMS for sending an SMS to your end-users, and it is free for you to receive an SMS in from end-users.

For your recipients to text in or reply to your message via the shortcode, they will be charged at a standard SMS rate depending on their subscription with their carrier (usually between 10 cents to 20 cents).

All Burst SMS accounts are provided with access to our shared standard rated short code, or you can lease a dedicated short code.

Free to End User Short codes 

When using a FTEU code to send your messages, you pay 9.9 cents per SMS for sending to your database, and you also pay 15 cents for receiving any SMS replies from recipients back to your FTEU code. Reply rates vary from campaign to campaign, but rarely get above 5%. Carriers have protection in place to ensure this type of service is not abused by end users.

End-users do not pay anything for sending an SMS to a Free to End User Short code. Even if they have a prepaid service with no credit, they can still reply using a FTEU code.

If you would like to purchase a dedicated Free to End User Short code please contact Sales on 09 951 8724 or email