A dedicated virtual number has three primary benefits over our shared pool.

1. Number Exclusivity

When using a dedicated number there is no chance other companies will be delivering to your recipients using the same number.

We have thousands of clients using the shared pool and although the rotation is high, there is always a small chance other companies may send to the person you are sending to using the same number.

2. Number Consistency

When using a dedicated number your message always comes from the same number. With the shared pool it is usually a different number. Having the same number allows your recipients to save it in their phone with your business name.

3. Receive Direct Messages

If using dedicated people can text you directly at your number, not just reply to messages you send them as with the shared pool. This also means you can use a custom sender ID and maintain SPAM compliance by getting people to text STOP to your number from your message.

Gold and vanity numbers

In addition to these benefits, virtual numbers can also be further enhanced aesthetically. If you want something easy to remember, Gold Numbers can be an option. An example of a gold number compared to a regular virtual number would look like: 61488333444 vs 612518975. Vanity Number are another type of virtual number that can be used to spell something out, for example: 0458BURST.

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