Using Burst SMS you can send messages using an alphanumeric sender ID to an international number when the alphanumeric sender ID is supported by carriers in the destination country.

This article reflects currently support capabilities for alphanumeric SMS sender IDs worldwide.

Which Countries Support Alphanumeric Sender IDs?

You can find out which countries support alphanumeric sender IDs here: Global SMS Delivery List.

What happens to messages where alphanumeric sender IDs aren't supported?

For countries where alphanumeric sender IDs are not supported the Burst SMS platform replaces the alphanumeric sender ID with a generic local number for the destination region in order to ensure your messages are delivered correctly.

What are Special Conditions?

Some countries may require registration of the desired alphanumeric sender ID prior to sending messages. You can find country-specific details in the Special Conditions column of the Global SMS Delivery List.

You can start the pre-registration process by contacting our support team.

How to Define a Custom Sender ID?

You can define new custom sender IDs when sending messages through the Burst SMS platform. Instructions for how to do this can be found here. Please note that some only some countries allow you to set a personal mobile number as your alphanumeric sender ID - most countries will only allow a word or business name to be used.

If you have any questions about custom sender IDs please contact our Customer Success or Support teams.