Select Your List

1. Click the SEND SMS button.

2. Choose the destination list from the TO drop down menu.

Sender ID


2. Enter an alphanumeric name for your BUSINESS NAME and click ACTIVATE.

ALPHA NUMERIC SENDER ID (cannot be replied to) can have a maximum of 11 characters. Only letters, numbers, underscore, hyphen, space allowed and included in total character count. This is not available for NZ due to restrictions in place by NZ carriers. NB: Please keep in mind that if you use a name the recipient will not be able to reply to the message.

3. Select Use shared number - Replies to Account to use the shared long code.

Our LONG CODES can be used to automatically opt recipients out of your lists. This makes it easy to manage lists and be compliant with SPAM standards. Selecting the shared number adds the STOP command shown above. You can also receive direct replies to your campaign that appear next to your campaign and can be exported. Responses are displayed in your reports and inbox.

Getting Replies to Email

If you would like to receive replies to email, please see the instructions here.

Create Your Message

1. Enter your MESSAGE. 1 SMS is 160 characters but you can enter up to 621.

CHARACTER COUNT. If your message is 190 characters in length you will be charged for 2 SMS x Recipients. Spaces are counted as 1 character and returns are counted as 2 characters. For more information regarding character length, please review this article: Character Count

2. Click on VARIABLES to personalise your message.

VARIABLES can be used to add names or other information into messages. NB: We can only estimate how many characters are in a message when using variables, please make sure you allow enough characters to cater for the longest variable.


1. Save as a template. Just click SAVE to add it to the drop down menu.

VARIABLES can also be used in templates. Templates also display in Quick SMS. You can only use the Firstname and Lastname variables from your Quick SMS favourites however.

2. To delete a template, just select it from the drop down and click the DELETE button.

Scheduling Messages

1. SCHEDULE your message if you want to send it on the future. Click NEXT.

2. On the confirmation screen you will see the details of your SCHEDULED TIME.

Review & Send

1. You will see a cost estimate below, click SHOW DETAILS to review in detail. Click NEXT to move to the sending confirmation screen.

2. After reviewing your message you will now be able to send your message. If you do not have enough credit to send the message you will need to ADD CREDIT.

Paying For Your Messages

1. CHOOSE AN AMOUNT from the drop-down menu. The fee for using all credit cards is 1.9%. We can take other payment options for large amounts.

2. On new accounts we have a credit limit to mitigate our loss should we get a fraudulent credit card on the system. Click INCREASE LIMIT to apply for more.

Adding Credit

1. To credit your account select a preset amount, fill in the details and click ADD CREDIT.

Confirm Send

1. Now that you have credit you can send messages anytime by hitting the SEND button.