Recently we refined the user experience of our List File Upload system to be a lot simpler and more user friendly. We have also improved the performance of the upload and it has been tested to import 250,000 contacts in approximately 6-7 mins. This includes number cleaning and formatting so you can input the numbers however you wish.

The best file format is a CSV upload, however you can also upload Excel XLS or XLSX files. If your upload hangs or fails, try removing extra columns from your file you do not need, especially if the superfluous columns contain numeric data.

1. We have an open field upload to allow you to cut and paste contacts if you wish.

2. On upload, the mapping system has been switched around so that your data is shown as it would be in your file. You can also scroll horizontally if you have a lot of fields to quickly find and map the columns you are looking for. We also automatically guess the mobile numbers column and if you have headers, the name columns as well.

3. If you wish to add new custom fields you can easily do this on the fly and they are created for you when you upload your list.