Add a new client.




nameClient company nameYES
contactContact nameNO
emailClient email addressYES
passwordClient passwordYES
msisdnClient phone numberYES
timezoneA valid timezone, Australia/Sydney. Defaults to your ownNO
api_secretSet a String value (Max 255 characters)NO
client_paysSet to true if the client will pay (the default) or false if you will payNO
sms_marginThe number of cents to add to the base SMS price. A decimal valueNO
number_marginThe number of cents to add to the base number price. A decimal valueNO
payment_methodSet to fixed or variable value.
fixed_top_up_amountSet fixed top up amount when payment method set to fixed


curl \
  -u 2e24c1cbdd987221e165d543f34b84bf:secret \
  -d name='New Client' \
  -d email='' \
  -d password=donttell \
  -d msisdn=61491570156

JSON Response

  id: 56423,
  name: "Terry's Repairs",
  contact: "Terry Richards",
  email: "",
  msisdn: "61491570156",
  currency: "AUD",
  timezone: "Australia/Sydney",
  created: "2013-02-14 13:45:22",
  client_pays: false,
  sms_margin: 3.1,
  apikey: "2e24xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4b84bf",
  apisecret: "YyYD2lad*88",
  recharge_amount: 20,
  total_lists: 34,
  total_sms: 575665,
  total_contacts: 542,
  total_spend: 450.464,
  total_revenue: 234.12,
  credits_based: false,
  balance: 43.56

XML Response

  <name>Terry&amp;#39;s Repairs</name>
  <contact>Terry Richards</contact>
  <created>2013-02-14 13:45:22</created>

PHP Example

 include '../../APIClient2.php';

 $api = new transmitsmsAPI('API_KEY', 'API_SECRET');
 $result = $api->addClient('company_name','','password','6140000000','client name');

 if ($result->error->code == 'SUCCESS') {
   echo 'Client added';

 } else {
   echo 'Error: {$result->error->description}';