We have recently added the ability for resellers to margin virtual numbers and also sell individual keywords for a monthly fee. These valuable campaign tools can be a great way to add more revenue to your reseller account.

There are a 2 different ways to earn with virtual numbers and keywords:

1. Margin virtual numbers

You can let your clients buy our virtual numbers with an added margin. On a Power Plan numbers cost just $19 and we were recently charging $49 per month with unlimited keywords which is still very cost effective from a campaign standpoint. It's quite easy to earn $20-$30 margin per number per month. Margin from your number will be deposited to your reseller balance on purchase and renewal of the number.

2. Sell keywords on a shared number

The other potentially more lucrative way to earn is by selling keywords on a shared virtual number across all of your clients. You pay for the number and then allocate it to your clients. They see the number available in their NUMBERS section as they would any normal number. They can purchase keywords on this number at a set rate per month. As you only have the cost of the number and keyword margin fee you can make a lot more profit.

Keyword margin fee is a profit share that Burst SMS earns. 10% on Power Plan and 20% on Standard Plan.

If your client tires to add the same keyword on the same number as another client they will be shown a warning and asked to choose another number. If they contact you demanding the keyword, you can simply setup another number and again sell more keywords.

When you set up your client you will be presented with option regarding Virtual Numbers and Keywords.

To share a number with your client, select it from the Number Allocation drop down. If you would like to margin numbers and let your clients buy them directly, select "Client buys their own".

You set the keyword price and limit in the Keywords section. You can theoretically margin numbers and sell keywords on those numbers as well but we do not recommend it. We tried that model for a while and it didn't sell well.

If you choose an IPay plan and share a number you can set the number of keywords that will be sold as part of your package.