Using Zapier, you can send messages to your clients containing information stored in your Custom Fields of your Burst SMS List.

In the below example, our client has forgotten when their appointment is (who hasn't done that). By simply texting "When?" to your Dedicated Virtual Number, they can receive an automated message with their appointment date/time and also the location.

NB: The relevant information (in this case date/time of the appointment and location) need to be in a Custom Field of the Burst SMS List.

1. Login to your Zapier account or register for one HERE.

2. Select "Make a Zap". Trigger Burst SMS - SMS Received to Virtual Number.

3. Follow the details here to paste the Webhook in your Dedicated Virtual Number settings.

4. Click "Continue" and send a text to your Dedicated Virtual Number saying: When? (this will cause Zapier to pick up the message content for later steps).

5. Once done the next step to add is Filter by Zapier and select "Only Continue If..."

6. Fill out the details as per below and run a test (We added When to account for people who forget the ? mark)

7. This ensures that the Zap will only continue for those that text this in.

8. Next we need to get the details from Burst using Search - Find Contact

9. Select the List the details are in, the number from Step 1 of the Zap and the Country the number is formatted in.


10. Continue this and Zapier will confirm if it was able to locate the details.

11. Last Action is to send the SMS with Burst SMS - Send SMS Action.

12. Fill out the details as per below (or as you need them to be to suit your scenario).

NB: For "Caller ID", ensure you enter your Dedicated Virtual Number (you can enter it in manually, or use it from Step 1 as the example below).


13. And you're done!