If replies are not showing in JobAdder, there are usually two causes.

Cause 1 - Your dedicated virtual number has expired

To Check:

  1. Login to your Burst SMS account
  2. Go to the Numbers screen

Is your number marked as expired?

If so, press the renew link.

If you would like your number to automatically renew each month, please send an email to helpdesk@burstsms.com with the number you want set to auto-renew.

Cause 2 - Settings in JobAdder do not match Burst SMS

To Check:

  1. Follow the steps above to find your dedicated virtual number (if leased)
  2. Login to JobAdder
  3. Go to Admin > Apps & Add Ons > SMS
  4. Ensure the Burst SMS Number field matches your dedicated virtual number in Burst SMS. It should be in international format and not include the leading plus symbol

Do not include the leading plus (+) in JobAdder.

Are replies still missing?

Please email the support team at helpdesk@burstsms.com. Please include your Burst SMS account ID (or login email address) along with a screenshot of the SMS settings in JobAdder.