Using Zapier, you can quickly and easily send automated and personalised messages to those that are added to your Burst SMS List.

The below example is clients being added to a Burst SMS list for Appointment reminders.

NB: To be able to use the personalised variables, ensure they are added to your Burst SMS List first.

1. Login to your Zapier Account or register for one HERE.

2. Select "Make a Zap". Trigger Burst SMS - Contact Added and click "Save + Continue"

3. Connect your Burst SMS Account (unless already done).

4. Select the List that Zapier is to keep an eye on for new Contacts and click "Continue".

5. If this is a newly created list, add a contact to it so Zapier can bring in sample data.

6. Once saved, move on to the Action Burst SMS - Send SMS and click "Save + Continue".

7. Select your Burst SMS Account

8. Fill out the table, utilising the details obtained from The Trigger Application and click "Continue" (note that it does not need to be Burst SMS, this can utilise any application that contains contact details).

NB: You will see that there is a "Send At" option. This means that you can also automatically schedule this message to occur at a set time (using this example, you can schedule the message to go out 1 day after they are added to the list for example).

9. Run a test and if successful, you should see the below.

10. Click Finish and you're set to go!