Here's what you will need to get started:

- A Burst SMS account (or free trial version)

- A Shopify account (paid version)

- A Zapier account (or free trial version)

1) Start by Making a Zap 

Create a Zap in Zapier by clicking the black "plus sign" located at the top left of your browser window.

2) Select the Shopify and Burst SMS Apps to Begin

In the two input boxes, choose the Shopify and Burst SMS app and begin customising your Zap.

3) Start Filling out the Shopify Form

Select and follow the prompts in the Shopify form. Next, choose the abandoned cart option and continue following the form directions.

4) Allow Zapier to Access your Shopify Account

During the Shopify setup, you will be prompted to link your Shopify account. Provide your Shopify username to continue. 

5) Test your Shopify Connection and Start your Burst SMS Form

Complete the form for Shopify and test to see if the integration is working (available at the end of the Shopify form). Zapier will let you know if any issues need to be addressed. Afterwhich, begin filling out the Burst SMS portion of the Zap.

6) Retrieve API key and Secret from your Burst SMS account

For Burst SMS, you will be prompted to copy over your API key and Secret from your account. To locate both, login to your Burst SMS account and click on Settings. Scroll down till you find your API key and Secret (if your Secret is blank, type whatever you wish into the input and SAVE your settings before copying them over to Zapier). 

7) Create your Message

Fill out the Burst SMS form with the necessary information and begin customising the message you will be sending. For some additional ideas and inspiration, check our SMS templates. Once completed, test and make sure the Zap is working correctly.

Here's an example:

8) Turn on your Zap

Once you are satisfied with your Zap, simply turn it on. Congratulations, you have now integrated your Shopify and Burst SMS accounts with Zapier.

Note: Zapier works based on the number of "tasks" (interactions between connected apps) every month. If a zap is not working, it is most likely due to the limited amount of tasks you can in complete a month. If this is the case, consider looking into the Zapier pricing page to upgrade to a package that fits with your businesses and customer interaction numbers.