Send and receive SMS text messages in Eloqua campaigns. Process replies via the decision node. Automatically format numbers for delivery.

Step 1 - Install Burst SMS Application


Step 2 - Click Accept and Install Button

Step 3 - Click Sign In Button

Step 4 - Click Accept Button

Step 5 - The Burst SMS App is now installed. Click the App to see its details

Step 6 - Click on the gear icon at top right to configure connection with your Burst SMS account

Step 7 - Enter your Burst SMS API key and secret

These can be found here: Settings

No Account? Register here

Step 8 - Default Country for Number Formatting

To deliver text messages globally they need to be formatted in full international format. To assist with this, we have developed an automatic number formatting service. We look for the country field in any contact record and use that to format for delivery. If the country field is empty we will fall back to the setting here as a default.

Step 9 - Click the Connect button to verify and connect

You are now ready to integrate text messaging into your campaign!

Accessing the functions on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas

Step 10 - Click the Orchestrations menu and select Campaigns. Then click the Create Multi-Step Campaigns button

Step 11 - From the Template Chooser choose Blank Campaign

Step 12 - Expand the toolbar to the right and click Campaign Steps to display all the options

There are two new Burst SMS items here. An Action - "Send SMS", and a Decision - "Received SMS?". You can drag these to your campaign canvas to integrate into your process.

Simple Example:

"My friend has a skin care business and wants to have a members club. He will have a landing page where a user can join up with a name, email and mobile number. As well as an automated email series, as an incentive he wants to send a special code by SMS that they can enter online to get free shipping. He also wants to give them a push if they do not request the code within a certain period."

Step 1 - To trigger our campaign, we will use an Eloqua form which we will be in our landing page.

Our form must have a field to collect a mobile number and that field name should match the Eloqua field name. For further information on form setup see the Eloqua User Guide.

Step 2 - Once we have our form setup, we can use it to trigger our campaign.

Step 3 - To begin the campaign, we have pre-built an intro email. Drag that to our canvas and double click.

Step 4 - Once we have a campaign element in place we can attach the form to it


Step 5 - We can now see the form on our canvas and can drag our Send SMS Action from the Actions menu

Step 6 - Double click the Send SMS Action to set it up

You can setup your error diversion here, for example, if the number failed or was not defined, you can send them an email as backup.

Step 7 - Now click the pen icon to create the message. Use the Merge button to personalise if needed.

NB: Your virtual number from your Burst SMS account will be used as the sender ID by default.

In this example we ask the recipient to reply with the word COUPON to deliver a code.

Step 8 - We can now create a "Received SMS?" decision to wait for the response.

Step 9 - Double click the Decision and click the pen icon to setup.

On the Received SMS decision we wait for a defined period for a reply. We can either use a keyword or any response. If the correct response is received, the campaign goes via the affirmative route. If an incorrect keyword or no response is received by the time the evaluation period has expired, then the contact goes via the negative decision route.

In our example, if affirmative, we send the shipping code. If negative we send an email with a reminder to reply COUPON to get the code.

This is a simple example of how to integrate sending and receiving text messages using Eloqua. The simple nature of the options should allow a huge variety of scenarios. 

If you have any questions or a scenario that is not working, please email and we will evaluate your requirement and offer support.