Step 1 - Setup Burst SMS account

To setup your integration you will need a Burst SMS account. You can sign up for a no obligation free trial to test out the integration. (USA) (Australia)  (New Zealand) (Singapore)

Step 2 - Make A Zap 

In your Zapier account click on MAKE A ZAP! from top menu of your account

Step 3 - Choose a trigger and action 

Choose a Trigger application and then choose a trigger 

For this example I will choose Gmail and New Email as the trigger

Choose an Action application and then select the action 

For this example I will choose Burst SMS and Add to List as the action

Click on Continue button

Step 4 - Authorise Trigger Application with Zapier

Follow steps to authorise trigger application with Zapier.

For this example you will be prompted to choose a Gmail account and authorise the Zapier connection with Gmail.

Step 5 - Authorise Action Application with Zapier

Follow steps to authorise your Burst SMS account. You will need to enter your API Key and API Secret that you can find from SETTINGS in top menu of your Burst SMS account

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Step 6 - Setup Filter Application Triggers

Follow the prompts to complete your desired Filter Triggers
For this example I would like to only trigger a “New Email” from Gmail when the Body contains “Sales Lead”

 Click on Continue button

Match up the Trigger application and trigger with the Action Application and action.

For this example I have:

Selected the subject as the field for the Mobile Phone field
Selected the contact list I would like to populate in the Burst SMS account
Selected the FROM NAME field as the First Name field

 Click on Continue button

Step 7 - Test this Zap

For this example click on the Test Gmail trigger button and then Zapier will create a sample for you to test with

Click on Continue button

Click on Test Gmail trigger button

Step 8 - Name and turn this Zap on

For this example this Zap will check for new Gmail emails every 15 minutes.


 Click Turn on Zap button.